Chelsea Wedderburn’s Triumph at the Dance Star World Masters

Let’s journey into the realm of accomplishment as we applaud Chelsea Wedderburn, an extraordinary Grade 11 student, for leaving an indelible mark on the global stage!

We’re elated to share the news that Chelsea dazzled the international dance community with her exceptional performance at the Dance Star World Masters in Croatia, held from May 12th to 23rd, 2023.

Amidst the bustling arena of the B league, where dancers from 17 countries and a staggering 5000 participants converged in Croatia’s enchanting city of Porec, Chelsea’s performances evoked awe and admiration.

Her dedication and innate talent took center stage as she clinched a remarkable 5th place in the fiercely competitive Senior Lyrical Solo category, surpassing 35 talented competitors. Furthermore, Chelsea ascended to the pinnacle, securing 1st place in the Senior Acrobatic Solo category, triumphing over 13 formidable contestants.