School at home, imagine school from the safety of your home

Engage with real teachers In OUR LIVE, INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL CLASSROOMS from the safety of your home, replay EACH DAYS classes from our class library - a powerful learning tool!

Why school at home is becoming more of an option

·         Falling academic standards

·         High numbers of students in classrooms

·         Lack of space in public schools

·         Bullying and unsafe environments

·         Affordability

·         Sport commitments needing flexibility

·         Expats outside of SA wanting to complete grade 12 

Teneo has harnessed global technology and SA’s best teachers to enable a revolution in quality education. Our solution allows you to monitor your child’s progress as they work through our accredited curriculum, in a safe controlled environment, your home. All you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi.

Up to 250 000 children are schooled at home in South Africa, with the numbers growing at 20% per year, home-schooling is an important option!

We are registered with Sacai for you protection and our teachers are SACE registered.

In today’s society, learning is mobile. Adapt your child’s education to suit their needs, as well as yours. Let your child learn in the safety of their own home, or take the classroom on the road with you. All that’s needed is a laptop and an internet connection. 

Our offering includes;

  • Live lessons in virtual classrooms recorded for replay

  • Interactive video

  • Self-study instruction

  • Assignments, tests and exams

  • Ongoing live and messaging interaction with teachers

  • All of our learning activity takes place in a global learning system hosted in the cloud. .

From current parents:

"You guys are just extraordinary"

"I have never heard my child speak so much about school, his report back to his dad was that it was awesome!"

"Kiyle cannot wait for the lessons this morning and I have never seen him so excited!"

Take a tour of our school and discover how we engage with you.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
— Nelson Mandela

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