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SA's Top matriculant for 2 years in a row​

Matric pass rate increased by 
4.5% to 91%

IEB 2023

3 Teneo students in the Top 5 SA Matrics

SACAI 2022

72% of students achieved university entrance

IEB 2023

Thousands of
successful Matrics

(Alumni 2019 - 2023)

Always challenging our students to reach their full academic ability while developing a love for learning and self-development; we understand the importance of strong Matric results to open the doors to tertiary education and future career opportunities.

Teneo Matric Results

Exceeding SACAI's national matric pass rate

With six cohorts of matriculants, Teneo Online School is proud of our students for consistently achieving outstanding academic results, putting us significantly ahead of national benchmarks for academic performance.

Teneo Bachelor Pass

Teneo’s Bachelor Pass* rate in 2023 exceeded both the SACAI and Department of Basic Education Bachelor Pass Rates.

*Achieved university entrance.

IEB top matriculant for 2023
IEB- full color 1 (2)

Jorja Annison

7 distinctions, 87.63%

“Teneo was able to teach me skills that went above those of just the curriculum, forcing me to become independent and teaching me how to manage my own time and schedule.

Teneo’s condensed source material was an absolute lifesaver in Matric, and I’m so grateful for the effort the teachers put into creating it, and for the amount of time it saved me. And as an auditory learner I loved having this resource available, to be able to re-watch my teachers explaining important concepts.“

SACAI top matriculant for 2023
IEB- full color 1 (1)

Liam Nel

5 Distinctions, 85.86%

“Through Teneo I obtained a quality education…Teneo pushed me towards my ambitious academic goals by providing me with excellent academic resources and content related to my subjects, connecting me with eager-to-aid teachers and teaching me the most important thing for my eduction – personal responsibility. Being done with Matric, I am now continuing on to do a BSC in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics Degree at the University of Pretoria with prospects of doing an Honours in the future. The marks and skills that I obtained during my time at Teneo qualified me for the degree and I now feel prepared for the challenge.”

SA’s Top Matric 2 years in a row (SACAI 2021 & 2022)

In 2021 and 2022, SA’s Top SACAI matriculants for two years in a row were Teneo students, with well-deserved distinctions across the board. Their dedication and hard work delivered exceptional results, and we couldn’t be prouder to count them as Teneo alumni. We’ll be watching as they go on to succeed in their further education and 
future careers.

Image description: Clarissa Iyer 7 distinctions 89%, Danielle Vierbergen 7 distinctions 97%, Rachelle Bouwer (Teneo Academic Leader) and Kayla de Lange 6 distinctions 84%

Read what our past students say

National 2022 SACAI Top 5

Three of our students were placed in the top five SACAI matriculants in South Africa in 2022.

1st place

Danielle Vierbergen

97% | 7 Distinctions

2nd place

Clarissa Jannae Iyer

89% | 7 Distinctions

5th place

Kayla De Lange

84% | 6 Distinctions

SACAI top matriculant for 2021

Skye Austin

Skye Austin

7 distinctions, 92%

“I am a committed student who is pursuing a degree in Veterinary Science at the University of Pretoria. Teneo and their staff have made it possible for me to complete my matric year with confidence as I begin a new journey at university. Despite the distance between each of us, I was still able to meet incredible people.”


*2021 Examination results, SACAI

SACAI top matriculant for 2022

Danielle Vierbergen

7 distinctions, 93,43%

“Studying at Teneo has allowed me to complete my Matric year from the comfort of home and without the general distractions of brick-and-mortar schools.
Because of the setup of an online school like Teneo, I was able to enhance my time management skills, as well as develop better self-discipline. It has also always been wonderful to experience a sense of unity when people from all over South Africa (and other countries) come together in one virtual classroom. If you are thinking of studying at an online school, give Teneo a go!”


*2021 Examination results, SACAI

SACAI top matriculant for 2021

Blessing Ibegbuna

5 distinctions, 83%

“I studied at Teneo for two years and I recently matriculated with five distinctions. Learning and being taught online can be quite daunting at first glance. However, Teneo’s easy platform has made learning fun, simpler, more interactive, and more personalised.
While the end goal is to learn for the final exams, my teachers have taught me invaluable lessons that go far beyond the curriculum. My teachers at Teneo were beyond incredible, and I’m immensely thankful to have been taught by experts who cared about both my academic and personal success.”


*2021 Examination results, IEB

How Teneo helped Clarissa Iyer to achieve her dreams

Sasol Bursary Winner 2022, Stellenbosch University Undergraduate, Teneo Alumni.

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How is Teneo different from other online schools?

Teneo provides a superior alternative to brick-and-mortar schooling with teacher-led, real-time school from the comfort of home. With qualified teachers providing live lessons students are able to engage with their teachers and peers in an interactive setting.

School is available in three different formats: Recorded, Live + Recorded, and Live.

Can you complete your South African National Senior Certificate with Teneo Online School?

Yes. You have the option to choose between two different examination boards – SACAI or the IEB – in order to complete your Matric.

After I complete my Matric with Teneo, will I be able to apply to South African tertiary institutions for further studies?

Yes, once you successfully complete your Matric certification, you may apply to tertiary institutions in South Africa and abroad.

Will I be eligible for local and international universities?

Yes, once you successfully complete your Matric certification, you may apply to tertiary institutions in South Africa and abroad.

Will online school help my child thrive?

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