Sydney Lombard Wins Gold in KZN Athletics Championships

Once again congratulations are due to our Grade 11 student, Sydney Lombard! Sydney continues to excel in Athletics – this time at the KZN Athlietics Championships. held in Pietermaritzburg on the 1 – 3 March. Sydney won Gold in the U17 Javelin event, Silver in the U17 Discus, and Bronze in the U17 hammer event. 

Sydney has been making headlines in athletics events for years now, and it’s just fantastic to see just how well all her training, dedication and hard work is paying off. Her commitment is a real testament to her, and we look forward to seeing where her skills and talent will take her next!

The Teneo family is always so thrilled to see our students achieve great things. As an online school, we understand the importance of fostering a strong community spirit among our students – and so much of that is down to students like Sydney.  It is inspiring to witness so many of our students using the extra time and flexibility you have with online school to train hard and excel at your hobbies and pursuits, win competitions, and be recognised for your incredible talent and skill. We really couldn’t be more proud.

Shining a Spotlight on Women Making History

Did you know that Mozart had a sister, who was considered to have been as talented – if not more talented than him? That some people think it’s possible she was even the composer of some of his pieces?  And did you know that Einstein didn’t actually come up with the theory of relativity on his own, but rather in full collaboration with his scientist wife, Mileva? 


Throughout history, women have played roles in some of our greatest feats of culture, art, science, architecture and more, but have not made it into the history books. But that’s changing, and as more and more women become historians and begin to look at the untold stories of women, and to tell them, that’s changing. 


To mark Women’s History Month, we asked our wonderful history teacher Hester Harmse what drew her to history, and why she thinks it’s important…


Hester, why do you think it is important to teach History at school?


History shows students models of good and responsible citizenship. It also teaches us to learn from our mistakes committed in the past . Through this we learn to examine ourselves and improve the world we live in. History equips us with the qualities we require to understand: compassion and tolerance. Through history, students students make sense of the past whilst coming into contact with other cultures and societies and in this way they gain knowledge and life skills,.   


Where did your love of History come from?


My passion for History started at a very young age. My Grandfather participated in the Boer War from the beginning of the 1900s. As grandchildren, we often visited them. He always used to entertain us with his stories and events that happened during the Anglo Boer War. I used to sit at his feet and listen to these stories and voila! my journey of love for history started then. During my primary school years, I couldn’t get enough reading materials about what happened in the past. During my high school years, I had the most boring History teacher. It was during those years that I decided I want to became a history teacher, but never a boring one. I was always a very inquisitive person. Always wanted to know more about the past. I studied history and it opened new and exciting worlds to me. The need for knowledge was and still is the reason why I became an educator. I want to open new worlds and knowledge to my students, demonstrating the importance of knowing the past to make the present and the future a better place. I visited a lot of different historical sites, which made history real. Now I can share these stories and experiences with my students. Some of my students have  even followed in my footsteps and we continue to share our knowledge with each other.

Teneo Students Represent South Africa in Ice Hockey

We are proud of our Teneo students, Matthew (Grade 11) and Franco (Grade 12), who recently represented South Africa at the 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey U20 World Championship in Sarajevo in January and will soon be playing in Cape Town for the National U18 Team in March.


The World Championship was a wonderful experience, with lessons in team support, time management and taking on a massive challenge, all while meeting schoolwork deadlines.


Well done, Matthew and Franco!!


Teneo gives talented kids like Matthew and Franco the time to pursue other talents and shine, through our flexible learning formats.

Celebrating 2023 Top Teneo IEB Student Jorja Annison

Jorja achieved 7 distinctions and 87.63% average and was placed in the top 5% of all IEB students nationally, and in the top 1% in 2 subjects. She also earned her spot as the top student on the IEB’s ‘Merit’ list. What an incredible achievement!

Jorja joined Teneo in 2021 and loved the flexibility. As an auditory learner and a student who enjoys studying at night, Jorja found the lesson recordings very helpful for revision, where she could watch teachers explain the important concepts to prepare for the final exams.  

Online school helped to foster her independence and time management, with the support and expertise of Teneo teachers.

Teneo Student Crowned Miss Teenager South Africa

Congratulations to Teneo student, Iminathi Dondola, who was crowned Miss Teenager South Africa in December 2023.

It’s such a huge achievement in a prestigious event that showcases and celebrates the intelligence, the talent, the potential and power of young women all over South Africa.

Iminathi has done herself and us proud, and we can’t wait to see what she does next!


We’ll leave you with some of Iminathi’s wise words that we think might be useful to all of our students, whenever you’re facing a challenge whether it’s examinations, learning something new, or pursuing a goal like Iminathi did when she entered Miss Teenager SA:

“Take every little step, because small steps matter the most.”

Celebrating Danielle Vierbergen, SA’s Top SACAI Matric Achiever 
of 2022

Introducing Danielle Vierbergen, the remarkable individual who has secured the coveted title of South Africa’s Top SACAI Matric Achiever for the year 2022. A resounding round of applause and heartfelt congratulations are in order for Danielle and her remarkable journey 
of success!

Our recent conversation with Danielle unveils the secret behind her exceptional achievements during her Matric year. Through our dialogue, we delve into her recipe for success and gain insights into the dedication and strategy that paved the way for her triumph. Be sure to swipe through to discover the invaluable advice Danielle has to offer for aspiring students like you.

It’s with immense pride that we celebrate Danielle’s incredible accomplishment as the top achiever in the SACAI #MatricResults2022. A stellar average of 93.43% and an astounding 7 distinctions serve as a testament to her hard work and dedication.

This moment is dedicated to applauding Danielle Vierbergen and her exceptional accomplishments at Teneo. The future shines brightly for you, Danielle, and we are eagerly anticipating the great things it holds in store.

Danielle Vierbergen

Top National Achieving SACAI Matriculant in SA

Q: What is your recipe for success?

My recipe for success involves a positive mindset and efficient studying. Staying positive helped me to enjoy the journey and kept me motivated to try my best. And, as someone who is prone to procrastination, I found that dividing study material (and SBA tasks) into little bits each day helped lessen last-minute stress and delivered better results.

Q: How did you enjoy your time with Teneo? Any positive and memorable experiences?

I have to say that the two years I’ve spent at Teneo were full of ups and downs, but I really enjoyed my time here. For me, the combination of good times and challenges made my two years at Teneo worth it. I learned to manage my own time and enhanced my self-discipline. A memorable experience I like to look back on is the love-hate relationship I had with Physical Sciences over the past two years, and how, despite all the mental breakdowns and many times I wanted to give up, I ended up defeating the subject with a distinction. Persistence pays off.

Q: Do you have any particular teacher that was crucial to your success?

A teacher crucial to my success was definitely Mrs Jo-lene Stander, Tourism. Although I couldn’t be present in her classes due to having another class at the same time, I always enjoyed watching her class recordings. She always smiled, radiated enthusiasm and never failed to make me laugh. Her positive mindset left a lasting impression on me. And thanks to her encouragement, I’ve felt motivated to study harder and to stay positive until the end. Thank you, Ma’am!

Q: What are your plans for the future? Are you studying further? Or taking a gap year?

At the moment I am taking a gap year to explore my interests, work on my artistic hobbies, and take a break from academics. We all go through life at our own pace, so there’s no need to rush.

Q: Any tips for our 2023 Matrics?

To the Matrics of 2023, I would first like to say good luck with your final year. There are going to be fun times and there are going to be challenging times. So, it’s important to go into your last year with a positive mindset, even at times when everything seems hopeless. Tell yourself that you can do it, and believe that you can. Just try your best and embrace every opportunity and every challenge. And whenever you feel like you want to take a break, take a break — but don’t lose sight of your priorities.