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Study Skills

Ages 10 – 18+

Elevate Education
R350 per workshop
75 minute workshops

Elevate Education was founded in 2001 as a research company whose aim was to find out the study practices and habits of top-performing students. This research evolved to become the workshops they run today wherein students learn the practical and tested roadmaps, skills and habits that Elevate Education have identified, to help them to achieve better results.


Workshops are delivered by young and dynamic presenters, and provide students with a roadmap for how they can study more effectively and use their time and energy better.

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Comprehensive Reading Development Programme

Ages 8 – 18+

Lectio Solution
R150.00 per session
16 sessions over 8 weeks

Lectio Solution’s passion and purpose is to foster better literacy, visual processing and comprehension skills across South Africa, using their state-of-the-art online platform.


This comprehensive reading development programme is all about empowering students to improve their visual processing, and by extension their academic results and, of course, their confidence. Students will learn by completing a range of fun and engaging online games and activities that are scientifically tested, and adaptable for students of all ages and reading abilities.

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Advanced Further Studies

Ages 14 – 18+

Advantage Learn
Ranges from R894.85 – R2710.40
January – October 2024

Advantage Learn is an online and blended learning organisation passionate about enabling learners to reach their true potential and excel in their future careers.


Advantage Learn does this by:

How is Teneo different from other online schools?

Teneo provides a superior alternative to brick-and-mortar schooling with teacher-led, real-time school from the comfort of home. With qualified teachers providing live lessons students are able to engage with their teachers and peers in an interactive setting.

School is available in three different formats: Recorded, Live + Recorded, and Live.

Can you complete your South African National Senior Certificate with Teneo Online School?

Yes. You have the option to choose between two different examination boards – SACAI or the IEB – in order to complete your Matric.

After I complete my Matric with Teneo, will I be able to apply to South African tertiary institutions for further studies?

Yes, once you successfully complete your Matric certification, you may apply to tertiary institutions in South Africa and abroad.

Will I be eligible for local and international universities?

Yes, once you successfully complete your Matric certification, you may apply to tertiary institutions in South Africa and abroad.

Teneo’s 2024 fees

Teneo offers you a choice of three school formats with flexible fee structures to suit your budget.

Enrol for 2024

Teneo offers your child activities both in and outside the classroom to inspire interaction and imagination.