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Drone Coding Online

Ages 10 – 14

Inspire Africa

Mondays over 5 weeks

Learn the basics of coding and experience applications across all the STEAM subjects. Acquire the skills to fly a drone virtually and gain an in-depth understanding of the drone industry.


To meet the ever-changing needs of our schools and students, we bring our Inspire Drone Coding Course directly to your home.


Real-time online classes by professional instructors deliver an in-depth learning experience that demystifies the world of drone technology. You will learn to fly using a simulator, and get exposure to various career opportunities the drone industry offers.


The course includes interactive projects and activities for students to expand their knowledge in their own time. Students will  have fun learning not only to fly a drone, but also learning vital coding skills that will  give them a STEAM educational advantage.




All that is required to enrol in this course is access to a smartphone, and a computer with a webcam and microphone.

Feed your mind

Drone Coding Online Advanced

Ages 12 – 16

Inspire Africa

Wednesdays over 5 weeks

Build on the knowledge gained in the Inspire Drone Coding Course and become an expert drone coder. Delve into the exciting world of autonomous drone inspections, by coding inspections on Earth and Mars.


Building on the knowledge and skills acquired in the introductory Inspire Drone Coding course, this advanced course takes students to the next level. Advanced coding including coding with 3D coordinates is introduced. Similar to the introductory course, students receive real-time online classes led by professional instructors, delivering an in-depth learning experience, focused on coding a drone and further knowledge of the drone industry.


Students are guided through the exclusive world of autonomous space-age drone inspections. Techniques currently being tested by various space agencies are explained in simple terms allowing students to code their own space inspection in the Mars environment on the Drone Blocks simulator.


All that is required to enrol in this course is access to a smart phone and a computer with a webcam and microphone.

Feed your mind

Drone Aptitude

Ages 15 +

Inspire Africa


Self study online

For those that are interested in entering the drone industry, this course is a must. Learn more about the factors affecting drone operations and become immersed in the principles of flight.


Although most industrial drone courses only grant access to students of 18 years and up, this course is suitable for ages 15 and upwards.


Accessible via the Inspire Campus, this online self-study course allows users to complete the course at their own pace with interactive videos and quizzes.


The course consists of 6 modules covering the following topics:

Feed your mind

Drone Competency

Ages 10 – 14

Inspire Africa

Mondays over 5 weeks

This course is for Students who are looking to enter the drone industry, but who would like to be guided by an instructor, can join this course. Covering all the topics mentioned in the Inspire Drone Aptitude Course and more, this course is presented online by a qualified instructor, and is ideal for the drone enthusiast.


Instructors will lead students through the exciting drone industry, including an introduction to the various job opportunities in the market. Two one-hour online sessions are included with an instructor with five weeks of online assistance from a course mentor.


If you are interested in getting into the drone industry, this course covers the basics of drone theory that gives you a solid understanding of the drone industry. The Inspire Drone Competency Course is aimed at recreational drone pilots who wish to fly safer with a greater understanding of the South African drone industry and its laws. This course has been created using years of knowledge gained through experience, and covers the most important theory any drone enthusiast needs to know. Looking to start a career in the drone industry? This course is a great way to start your journey!

How is Teneo different from other online schools?

Teneo provides a superior alternative to brick-and-mortar schooling with teacher-led, real-time school from the comfort of home. With qualified teachers providing live lessons students are able to engage with their teachers and peers in an interactive setting.

School is available in three different formats: Recorded, Live + Recorded, and Live.

Can you complete your South African National Senior Certificate with Teneo Online School?

Yes. You have the option to choose between two different examination boards – SACAI or the IEB – in order to complete your Matric.

After I complete my Matric with Teneo, will I be able to apply to South African tertiary institutions for further studies?

Yes, once you successfully complete your Matric certification, you may apply to tertiary institutions in South Africa and abroad.

Will I be eligible for local and international universities?

Yes, once you successfully complete your Matric certification, you may apply to tertiary institutions in South Africa and abroad.

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