Our Caps school at home solution for young learners:

Engage with real teachers in our live, interactive virtual classrooms from 7h45 to 13h45 during the school term

Replay each days class lessons from our recorded library

Grades 4 to 12 in English and 7 to 12 in Afrikaans

Grades 4 to 6 both English and Afrikaans HL option

We are open for registration for all grades for the third term

In today’s society, parents have active, demanding lifestyles and busy schedules or they just want their children schooled at home because they know them best!.  In response to this, we offer a specialised, interactive approach to education, reducing stress for parents while ensuring learners gets all the help they need.  Learners who have demanding extracurricular activities can also benefit from our solution.  Parents who are on-the-go travelling, are assured that their child is safe at home receiving a quality education.  Our school is accessible from anywhere. We have remedial interventions for children requiring additional assistance. For  gifted children, our school provides the opportunity for them to develop at their own pace. Whatever the need, parents work closely with teachers ensuring successful outcomes.

Our school at home solution for adults:

Are you a working person wanting to complete your Grade 12 (National Senior Certificate)

Join our fast track two year programme, live interactive classes with real teachers in the evenings and on Saturday mornings from the safety of your home.

We help you fast track grades 10 to 12, FET Phase, remove your career obstacles!

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Our British International Curriculum solution

Our online British Curriculum programme starts in September 2019, comprising three terms ending in July 2020. We offer support for three levels International GCSE, AS and A level.

The programme is presented by live teachers in virtual classes and is ideally suited to home schooled and distance learners. You need a computer and internet connection to participate, our time zone is GMT +2. 

We are open for registration for our September programme

EXtra Maths lessons:

Grades 8 to 12 - Maths & Maths Lit - English or Afrikaans

Research shows students experience better learning outcomes in small groups than one on one. Delivered by experienced tutors virtually to the safety of your home.

  • Interactive video with supporting notes and summaries

  • Discussions where students interact with qualified teachers and their peers via a chat box.

  • Live online tutor sessions, students meet with qualified teachers in our live, virtual classes which are recorded for replay.

  • Quizzes for practicing the concepts and assessing progress. 

We follow the Caps curriculum


Our coding solution

Learn how to build websites and programme with real world code from the safety of your home!

Designed by teachers for students

Duration, Six months, two months per programme

Programme 1:

  • Beginners HTML5

The foundations of web design for grades 4-12 +

  • Beginners CSS3

Cascading Style Sheets, is the computer language used to style web pages. Having a basic understanding of CSS is fundamental for any web designer or programmer!

Beginners CSS 2015, is our new CSS course specially designed for classroom teaching. Students learn modern CSS through video lessons, code challenges, multiple choice quizzes and real-world take-home projects. Includes HTML5, CSS3 and mobile design.

  • For grades: 5-12 +

  • Prerequisites: Beginners HTML

  • Beginners JavaScript

JavaScript is the programming language built into every web browser, and is the most popular programming language today. Every modern website depends on JavaScript.

  • For grades: 4-12 +

  • Prerequisites: Beginners HTML and CSS

Programme 2:

  • Beginners PHP 7

PHP is the most popular server side programming language - over 80% of web apps are powered by PHP, including Facebook. PHP’s popularity in the real world is derived from its’ ease of use, and because it’s easy to learn. It’s a great first programming language!

  • Beginners Python 3

Python is one of the most important programming languages used today. Popular in both education and in the professional world, Python is used in Ai, machine learning, web app creation, and so much more.

Beginners Python 3, is our new Python course specially designed for classroom teaching. Students learn modern Python programming through video lessons, code challenges, multiple choice quizzes and real-world projects.

The course starts with the basics, and quickly moves into fun but practical real Python programming with drawing, animation, object oriented programming and more.

  • Beginners Sql

Databases are an important part of all websites as it allows you to store all types of data.
PHP and MySQL are basic skills every web developer needs to know.
This course teaches you the basics of SQL, how to use the very popular PHPMyAdmin to manage your databases, as well as using MySQL with PHP.

MySQLi is an extension used in PHP to communicate with databases. It offers many benefits (over MySQL) including being more secure and taking advantage of an object oriented interface. This is a great and practical way to learn database communication and object oriented programming techniques with PHP.

Programme 3:

  • Project work,

PHP CRUD allows you to create, read, update, and delete records from your database. With CRUD you can create pages to list and edit your records.
Combining both CRUD and MySQLi will move you on your way to becoming a good and practical PHP programmer.

A tag cloud is a visual representation of text, normally associated with keywords on websites. In this video course, we teach you how to create a tag cloud using PHP.