Building a nation of business owners. Turning Matrics into Entrepreneurs.

Building transferable skills that are relevant and necessary for future success.

Finished school and looking for opportunities? The job you want may not be out there – why not create it yourself? 

We can show you how with our cutting-edge new offering focusing on Futures, Communications and Entrepreneurship!


The South African Problem

There are more young South Africans WITHOUT jobs than there are with. 

Unemployment in South Africa = 7.1 million people (30.1%). Youth, aged 15-24, are the most vulnerable in the South African Labour Market.

Currently 59% of this age group is unemployed. BUT, we believe there is a solution. We teach young people not to rely on government and big business to give them employment opportunities – we teach them to CREATE their own! 

How it Works

LaunchPad Core + LaunchPad Business Simulator 

Learn first, try Later OR Try first, learn later.

Learn the theory of starting and running your own business in LaunchPad Core, and put it into practice in our LaunchPad Business simulator. Or vice versa, you choose what works for you. 

Welcome to Launchpad Core

LaunchPad Core is a 12-week online course made up of 3 modules: Futures Thinking, Communication and Personal Mastery, and Entrepreneurship. In 12 weeks, we give our students everything they need to know to start their own businesses and create their own opportunities. The course modules have been developed by entrepreneurs and industry leaders, bringing together everything they have learnt about how to start and run a business, in just 12 weeks. 

Suitable for school-leavers, those completing a gap year, and anyone interested in starting a business or becoming more agile in today’s complex and chaotic world, LaunchPad Core is designed to ignite curiosity and transform the way we think about our surroundings. 

Programme Details

18 January – 23 April 2021

12-week online course

70% live lessons, 30% recorded content and assignments

3 sessions of 1 – 2 hours per week taught by experts in their field


  • Futures
  • Personal Mastery and Communications
  • Entrepreneurship


Welcome to LaunchPad Business Simulator 

Don’t want to just learn about how to run a business? Our business experts we have also created a business simulator programme that lets our students set up and run a businesses of their own, in a risk-free environment for 3 weeks. You get ALL of the experience from starting your own business, but with NONE of the risk. This means students can fail with confidence, and learn from the times when things don’t go according to plan – a crucial part of being an entrepreneur. 

Programme Details

23 April – 14 May 2021

3-week online course


  • Develop and implement a long-term business strategy
  • Analyze the profitability of opportunities
  • Develope effective communication and process skills
  • Learn to ‘fail-forward’ effectively




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