2023 Adult Matric Enrolments are OPEN!


Designed to help adult students achieve their National Senior Certificate (NSC) in 2 years. All learning is done through Teneo and final exams are written through SACAI and accredited with Umalusi. Offering complete flexibility, students can access all the daily, recorded lessons that have happened for their related subject during the week.



Adults older than 21 years of age


Adults wanting to complete their Grade 12 Matric (National Senior Certificate)


Adults who wish to complete their Grade 10 and 11 in 2023, and Grade 12 in 2024


All learning content is pre-recorded, perfect for adult students who have limited time and flexibility


Examined by the South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute (SACAI), this is the traditional school curriculum outlined by the South Africa government. All examinations and tests are written with Teneo Online School with the final Matric examination being written at official SACAI examination centres located countrywide.

SACAI is accredited with Umalusi Council, the official body that oversees FET qualifications in South Africa, and all those students who successfully pass their final Grade 12 Matric examination will receive the same South African Matric certificate as received by their learner counterparts in bricks-and-mortar schools.

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      Fees & Additional Information

      Fee Structure 2023 - Adult Matric

      ANNUAL: Term 1 to Term 4 inclusive fees paid in FULL = R27,000 and receive our Xtra Maths Programme FREE, valued at R7,200. 

      TERMLY: R9,000 per term, paid in advance and receive our Xtra Maths Programme FREE for that term, valued at R1,800. 

      INSTALMENTS: R2,250 instalments are due per month (paid in advance) until R27,000 is paid in full, from the time of enrolment to the end of November 2023. 

      PLEASE NOTE: Full fees per annum for four terms – January to December 2023 is R27,000.

      *Should you make an annual or termly payment and would like to be enrolled in the FREE course mentioned above, kindly email with your name and surname, and they will be added to the course. 

      **Fees exclude SACAI Registration Fees for Grades 10, 11, 12 

      ***Fees are subject to changes and increases. 

       ****Should you decide to leave Teneo, ONE MONTH’S notice is required.

      2023 Enrolment Info - Important

      To ensure you start your classes on the first day of Term 1 (January 2023), please ensure you have completed your enrolment form online and made payment by 27 November 2022.

      Every student is required to complete a two-day learning management orientation course before access to the lesson content is granted. By enrolling by 27 November 2022, sufficient time to complete the necessities before school starts will be allocated.

      SACAI Examination Fees (Gr. 10 - 12)

      Gr. 10 & 11: Approximately R430 once-off payment per annum.
      Gr. 12: Approximately R10 000 – R12 000 per annum (7 subjects).

      (Please note: SACAI fees are subject to change and increases)

      IMPORTANT: If a student wishes to write their Final Matric examination with Teneo Online School, examination fees are due to the South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute (SACAI) – the examining body accredited with Umalusi. These examination fees are not included in the annual tuition fees and are payable by 31st March of the students’ Matric year.

      Subject Choices

      All subjects are offered in either the English or Afrikaans language medium:

      English Home Language and Afrikaans First Additional Language
      Afrikaans Home Language and English First Additional Language

      Students can choose between the following subjects:

      Mathematics or Maths Literacy
      Life Science
      Physical Science
      Business Studies
      Life Orientation

      *Subjects marked with an asterisk must submit a Practical Assessment Task (PAT).


      If a student is taking a Full Matric, they must take a Home Language and First Additional Language, one Maths option, and Life Orientation along with three of the above subject choices.

      All Physical Science students must take Mathematics. Included with Physical Science are two additional one-on-one tutor sessions per term.

      However, students can opt to do between one and three subjects if they want to increase their grade average.

      Contact Info

      For assistance contact:
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      Except for the final Matric examinations, all tests and examinations are written online with Teneo Online School. Registered with SACAI, strict academic integrity is of the utmost importance to us, and strict protocols are in place to ensure that tests and examinations are invigilated effectively.


      Do you have a question about our educational products or services? We are happy to answer all your questions via a helpful Zoom video call.


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      08h00 – 14h00 – Thursday *No appointment required.

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