What will the future look like?

We’d be lying if we said we knew. The future is, at its core, uncertain. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t prepare for it. At Teneo, we look at current and past technological developments and use these as a guide to preparing our students for the future. We are equipping our students for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

What is 4IR?

What we do know about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, based on past experience, is that it will be characterised by the continued blurring of lines between the digital, the biological, and the physical. We also know that the fourth industrial revolution is not something we are only predicting for the distant future – it is happening right now.

Some experts say that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be made up of four main parts: high-speed mobile internet, Artificial Intelligence and automation, the use of big data analytics, and cloud technology. None of these concepts should be completely new to you.

For example:

High-Speed Mobile Internet: Your cell phone already connects to 4G, or LTE, mobile internet in most big cities. And, 5G is already been implemented.

Artificial Intelligence: Our world’s best chess players have already lost multiple times to computers, and social media platforms like Instagram are able to filter millions of images to show you ones you’ll like.

Big data analytics: All you need to do is watch the Netflix documentary The Great Hack to see how big data analytics are shaping the politics of our current world.

Cloud Technology: You are currently reading this blog online where it is saved.

The fourth industrial revolution is happening, and we are in the middle of it.

What can we do about it?

We at Teneo are not cynics. We don’t believe 4IR will lead to a dystopian future and the fall of mankind. Rather, we believe the Fourth Industrial Revolution will improve the quality of life of every living person through technological developments in the medical, economic, and social sectors, to name a few.

We don’t know what the future shaped by the Fourth Industrial Revolution will look like. But, what we do know about are the process involved in the Fourth Industrial Revolution that will shape the future. We use these as a guide to ensure our students will be ready with the necessary skills to deal with whatever the uncertain future has to throw at them.


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