Schooling from home can be a big adjustment for many. Here are four important tips we’ve learned over the years to get you started.

  1. Set up a dedicated workspace

As comfortable as your bed is in the morning, and no matter how much you think you might want to study there, working from your bed does you no favours in the long run, and is certainly a habit to avoid.

It is important to set up healthy work boundaries within your home. Set up a dedicated workspace, separate from any leisure or relaxing zones – then, stick to it. Make sure you work in the workspace, and relax in the leisure space, and NOT the other way around. Blurring the lines between work and leisure spaces can make it difficult to get anything done. A dedicated workspace can help limit distractions throughout the day.

       2. Stick to a schedule

As South Africans we are very familiar with the phrase “I’ll do it now” or “just now”, or “now now.” These are just 3 variations of “I will do it when I feel like it – which is not right now”. Don’t start your work ‘just now’ – make a schedule and stick to it. If you designate 3 pm as homework time, then start your homework at 3 pm.

In the long run, having a good schedule gives you more time to work, and more time to play. If ‘time is money’ then procrastinating is stealing from your own pocket…

     3. Limit Social Media

Social Media is designed to be addictive. Its goal is to get your attention and then keep it. We’ve all been there, you start with good intentions, just for a few minutes to keep in touch with people, and then before you know it you find yourself watching your 17th cat video on Facebook.

When learning from home, and more particularly learning online, the temptation to look at social media is always present. Try to manage social media usage by putting time limits on devices, finding family members to keep you accountable, or simply leave your phone in another room while schooling.

   4. Exercise and make time for fun!

Schedules, designated workspaces, and no social media are all necessary, but it is important to remember to also fit in time for fun. Life is about balance. Watching cat videos on Facebook is not necessarily bad, it’s only bad if it is preventing you from working when you should be.

Make sure you actively take part in extracurricular and sporting activities that you enjoy. A healthy mind requires a healthy body, and you can’t have one without the other.

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