At school she’s known as Rea Mabusela, an exceptional grade 6 Teneo student. On the internet she’s Queen Black 7, an inspiring young female activist and rapper! Her latest single, “#Kar.Attacking Abuse”, released in September of 2020, is her response to the gender-based violence pandemic we are currently witnessing in South Africa.

As the country currently moves past the half-way point of #16DayOfActivism against gender-based violence, it is important not to lose sight of what it is trying to achieve. Too often social movements get fatigued and fizzle out, this is one that cannot afford to. Rea Mabusela’s song #Kar.Attacking Abuse serves as a reminder to continue the fight in order to create a different future for our mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends.

Teneo is incredibly proud of Rea for using her passion for music, and her online presence, as a platform to speak to the issue of gender-based violence, reminding South Africans that we have young women wanting a different future, and it is a fight we all need to continue.

(Photo: Rae Mabusela, Youtube)