Teneo FAQs


Are you accredited with the Department of Education?

Homeschooling is a legally recognised alternative to traditional schooling. For Grades 1 to 9 parents are required to register their children as homeschooled with their Provincial Department of Education. We provide you with a portfolio of evidence to support your child’s progress in the CAPS curriculum. For Grades 10 to 12, we are registered with www.sacai.org.za – one of three examinations board accredited with Umalusi. All students in these grades are registered by Teneo School with SACAI.

What are the Examination Centre Fees (SACAI / IEB)?


If your child is enrolled in Teneo School (SACAI), in Grades 10 to 12, you will be required to submit fees to SACAI. These are paid to Teneo who will submit on your behalf.

Grade 10, 11 – R250 per annum
Grade 12 – Approximately R12 000 – R15 000 depending on subjects chosen. This amount is payable by 31 March of Matric Year. Parents are advised to budget for Grade 12 accordingly.


If your child is enrolled in Teneo Independent School (IEB), in Grades 10 to 12, you will be required to submit fees to the IEB. These are paid to Teneo who will submit on your behalf.

Currently no fees are applicable in Grade 10 and Grade 11 which Teneo currrently offers.

How to register for homeschooling with the Department of Basic Education?

Teneo provides parents with DBE Registration Packs in the Grade Success course (Gr. 1 – 9).

Every province has a different application process.

Please visit this link and follow the registration instructions from there: https://www.education.gov.za/Programmes/HomeEducation.aspx

This is a legal requirement and the onus is on the parent to register their child as ‘homeschooled.’



What are your school fees?
2021 Fees

During the school year fees are updated on a pro-rata basis. Please note the 2021 fees below are indicative of Pro Rata prices.

Teneo School (NSC/CAPS) = Total Upfront R5 985

Teneo Independent School (IEB) = Total Upfront R8 970

Fees are payable in advance via three options: annually, termly, or instalments. Please consult the relevant information packs for further fee breakdowns.

2022 Fees

Teneo School (NSC/CAPS) = R25 620 per annum (7% discount for upfront settlement OR Free access to Xtra Maths for the year)

Teneo Independent School (IEB) = R35 040 per annum (7% discount for upfront settlement OR Free access to Xtra Maths for the year)

Fees are payable in advance via three options: annually, termly, or instalments. Please consult the relevant information packs for further fee breakdowns.


Do you offer sibling discounts?

Yes we do! Our sibling discounts are structured as follows:

  • Student 1 = Full Fees
  • Sibling 2 = 5% Discount
  • Sibling 3 = 7% Discount
  • Sibling 4+ = 10% Discount

These discounts apply to Teneo School (NSC/CAPS), Teneo Independent School (IEB), and Teneo International School.

What do I require for homeschooling?

All you need is:

  • Internet Connection: 10 mbps + download speed & 2 mbps + upload speed. Less than 200ms latency. Fibre, LTE, or Satellite Internet connection.
  •  Latest version of Google Chrome.
  • Printer and Scanner: Scanner apps are available for smartphones & tablets (however, you do need one that is able to create a multi-page pdf document)
  • Back-up Power Source: A back-up power source is recommended to ensure uninterrupted access at Test and Examination time.


 Computer Specs:
– Processor: Intel i3 8th gen or higher, i5 7th gen or higher, i7 7th gen or higher. AMD Ryzen 3, 5, 7, 9 will work
– RAM: Minimum 4 Gb
– Hardware: Webcam and Microphone (Comes standard on most laptops. For desktop here are some suggestions of webcams with built-in microphones: Hikvision, Microsoft, Marvo)
– Software: Windows 10/MacOS 10.15 or newer, Adobe acrobat free pdf viewer, Team Viewer and Ofice 365 (free online version provided by Teneo if requested via support@teneoschocol.co.za)


Uncapped internet is recommended.

A good option is Advanced LTE available from most service providers.


What can I expect?

School from home!

Our home school from home solution provides a complete solution for Grades R to 12.

  • qualified school teachers
  • continuous assessments and tests
  • attendance policy and academic progress requirements
  • an established curriculum determined by the Dept of Basic Education
  • live, interactive virtual classrooms with real teachers
  • a portfolio of evidence as required by the Department of Basic Education
  • Adherence to school policies and procedures
  • collaborative learning
What is the role of the teacher?

Every student is assigned to a qualified school teacher. Teachers work remotely and are responsible for overseeing and managing student learning. 


  • Provide instruction, guidance, and support
  • Track academic progress
  • Evaluate student work
  • Develop a strong partnership with parents or responsible adults
  • Work in consultation with parents to recommend remedial or enrichment programs and make placement and promotion decisions
  • Communicate regularly with their students 
  • Participate in regular training and professional development
What is the role of the parent/responsible adult?

All educators agree that strong parental involvement is extremely important to a child’s academic success, parents encouraged to be active participants in their child’s education, working in close partnership with teachers. In terms of the Department of Basic Education’s requirement parents are responsible for the child’s education when home schooling.

Are there parent-teacher interactions regarding learners i.e. termly parent teacher meetings?

Parent engagement in their child’s education is a vital component of success and parents can engage with teachers as often as necessary in our learning management system. They get access to an observer login and are able to observe all activity and progress including lesson attendance.

How do we manage online bullying?

Teachers monitor the interaction between learners during the online lessons. Learners may approach teachers if there is a need to report bullying. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying, and perpetrators are dealt with appropriately.

Are parents notified when learners do not attend class? Does the parent receive immediate notification when a learner is absent?

We monitor all attendance in class and parents are able to see attendance stats via our observer logins.

Where can I buy hard copy textbooks?

Hard copy textbooks can be bought from academic book sellers or certain online suppliers like Takealot.

Where are we situated?

We are situated in Johannesburg, however, as we are a virtual school, our teachers and tutor centres are situated across the country.

Do children get breaks between lessons?

Yes, there are breaks between lessons. Students have daily timetables which are uploaded to their calendar.

Are all periods/classes live interactive lessons?

Yes, unless the teacher has specifically assigned a pre-recorded lesson.   

How do learners complete exams?

Exams are done online. Matric Final exam venues are assigned by SACAI.

How do learners complete practical exams?

We have various solutions including video.

Are learners able to attend university after they matriculate?

Yes, learners will receive a National Senior Certificate issued by Umalusi – the governing body – as with all public school matriculants.

How are EGD drawings/ mathematic worksheets/ art submitted?

They are created on paper, scanned, and uploaded into our learning system.

Is Teneo & SACAI part of the Department of Education?

www.sacai.org.za is one of three FET phase examination boards accredited by Umalusi, Teneo Education is registered as a Distance Learning Education provider with SACAI.

How are practical subjects such as Consumer Studies completed?

At home, similar to Master Chef, students create a video of themselves and upload to the system.


How do I register my child for homeschooling with the Department of Basic Education?

Details to register with the Department of Basic Education from Grade 1 – 9 can be found in your child’s Grade Success Course in Canvas.

After downloading the information pack and signed cover letter, please visit the link below to complete your registration: https://www.education.gov.za/Programmes/HomeEducation.aspx

PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of parents to register their children in Grade 1 – 9 with the Department of Basic Education.

How do I monitor how my child is doing during the year? I also need to keep track of the due dates for tasks.

All parents should create a Parent Observer Login which will link you to your child’s profile. In this way you will be able to view their lessons for the week, due dates for tasks, as well as attendance, and updated marks. The following link is a guide for creating the Parent Observer Login: https://teneo.instructuremedia.com/embed/3cfff9c5-2837-4

Once an Observer Login is created, we highly recommend that all parents download the Canvas Parent app to their phone. They then can log in to the app with their Observer Login details and pair with their child’s account. This way they can keep up to date with all their child’s due dates, tasks, assignment marks etc. Plus, they can also receive push notifications to their phone about any important school communications. 

Why aren’t all the lessons showing on my child’s calendar? It’s blank!

To ensure that lessons for a subject show on the calendar, the box needs to be checked next to the subject.


My child didn’t get an invite to the lesson in the inbox and they missed the lesson.

The best way to join a lesson is to go to Zoom in the course and to join from there, rather than waiting for an invite which could be delayed.

My child is going to miss the deadline for a task. Whom do I contact?

Task due dates are set up well in advance so students should start working on them as they are set up and not leave them to the day they are due. However, should there be a legitimate reason for not being able to submit on time, you should send an inbox message or email to the relevant teacher to explain and request an extension. It will be at the discretion of the teacher if this is granted. Teachers need to be contacted prior to, or on the day, of a due task.

My child missed a lesson, how do they catch up?

All lessons are recorded. To view the recording, go to the relevant course and select Zoom from the menu. You will find all the lessons under Previous Meetings. Should your child miss lessons due to load shedding, they should inbox the relevant teachers to inform them.

If my child is sick and can’t attend lessons for the day, who do I inform?

You can send an inbox or email to the relevant teachers to let them know. If your child is ill for an extended period of time, please send a doctor’s note to support@teneoschool.co.za.

What will happen if there is load shedding and the teacher can’t present a lesson?

Teachers who experience load shedding will put up an announcement on the course (provided they still have signal) and will then load a recording for that lesson as soon as they can.

How do the teachers communicate extra information with the students?

Teachers will either send messages via ‘Announcements’ in each course, or via the inbox. Inboxes are either sent to individual learners or to the class as a whole. It is important that students and parents check both of these regularly.

How does the school send information or letters to parents?

We send out letters and notifications via a mailing system called ADAM – our student information and reporting system. Because it is a bulk mailer, you might find that the mails go to your spam or junk folders (this depends on the strength of your spam filters). If you are unsure that we have the correct email addresses loaded on our system, please send a mail to support@teneoschool.co.za to confirm this information.

How are reports sent out?

Reports are mailed to parents via ADAM, our student information and reporting system. Because it is a bulk mailer, you might find that the mails go to your spam or junk folders (this depends on the strength of your spam filters). Should your child’s report not get through to you, please send a mail to support@teneoschool.co.za and we will gladly resend to you.

How does Roll Call work?

Roll Call is our attendance register for lessons. This can be found under Grades in each course. Roll Call shows the percentage of lessons your child has attended in a particular course since they joined the school. It will be a running total for the year, not per term. There is currently not an option to view on which specific days your child missed a lesson. Canvas is still developing the Roll Call feature. PLEASE NOTE: Students who don’t remain in a lesson for the full duration are marked absent.

Roll Call does not affect the grades for a course – it is a feature for parents to monitor their child’s class attendance.

Can I print the ebooks which I purchase on ITSI?

Due to copyright on the ebooks/PDFs, you won’t be able to print these books. You can only view and use them on your device/laptop/PC.

My child prefers hard copy textbooks but I’m struggling to find them. What should I do?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that hard copies are available for all the textbooks which we use. Supply and demand at the various book stores differs depending on the area you are in and what the schools in that area use. We suggest using the ebooks which can be purchased on ITSI Education. We have a dedicated Teneo Store available. If you need assistance with ITSI purchases, you can contact the ITSI help desk on 012 941 1546 or you can mail helpdesk@it.si

My child is in Grade 10/11/12 and would like to make a subject change – how do I go about doing this?

Please send an email to support@teneoschool.co.za who will advise if the subject change is possible. No subject change requests from students will be entertained – a parent/guardian needs to make the request.

How do I get access to Office 365?

Teneo provides the Student package of Office 365 should you require it. This is an online version and does not include Access which is required by CAT and Information Technology students. Please email support@teneoschool.co.za should you need Office 365.

My child is experiencing difficulties on Canvas – what should I do?

Please use the Canvas Help feature. This is located on the global navigation menu on the dashboard at the bottom of the bar. Click the “Report a problem” option and fill in the details of your problem. We will attend to it as soon as possible.


I’ve sent an email to the Support desk but I haven’t had a response yet. How long should I have to wait?

We have a turn-around time of 24 hours on the Support desk. We endeavour to attend to all queries within this time frame, however, some queries require more time if further information is needed.

Should you have an urgent query, please contact our Support Help Desk on 010 142 0300.

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Teneo is an online-only school that currently has 8,000 students and 480 qualified teachers. We believe your child is one in a million and deserves the opportunity of a high-quality education. Our progressive online classroom learning experience with live lessons presented by qualified teachers, and a structured school timetable, will empower your child to be future-fit and ready to thrive in the 21st century.

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